Chinese city specific luxury market, retail and consumer research

Clients: International residential and commercial property developer

In a country as large as China with so many huge cities, it is not possible to apply a generic model to the way consumers think or how a local market operates. The geography of the country means that any investment in retail, especially one involving hundreds of millions of dollars should be positioned correctly to match the consumer needs and those of the resident retailers. In recent years, understanding the individuality of the luxury consumer in China has become more important, and much harder to do. Our task was to evaluate the local luxury malls, consumer attitudes, ownership and future needs for the property developer.


A 180 page report assessing the potential size of the luxury consumer base by 2020; the geographical catchment areas for current and future retail developments, consumer attitudes to luxury, existing and planned luxury purchases, interest in buying locally or further afield and what consumers would expect from a new high end mall by the time it was completed.

This report also identified the size and scale of luxury brand presence in the mall, identified target brands and advised on the overall mix of content within the mall in order to meet the expectations of the cities consumers.