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Reading Luxury Insights China is like having an expert member of staff to brief me for an hour each month about the Chinese luxury market and its consumers. The opinions and factual data it contains help to stimulate my thoughts as to the ways we address this critical market. Excellent!

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Luxury Insights China:

At the peak of the boom in the luxury market in China we realised that unlike those of us living in the country experiencing the variations of this sector, luxury industry leaders globally needed a regular and impartial report covering the rapid changes as part of their learning and strategy development thinking. As a result, we introduced Luxury Insights China (LIC) issuing a monthly report to our subscribers for five years until the market became more stable and changes less frequent and we felt that the period of big news had past.

Luxury Insights China is no longer issued, but we still operate and monitor the luxury sector constantly and provide our research and analytical skills to clients from around the globe to assist in pre market entry, the practical aspects of consumer acquisition and as importantly understanding of the travelling Chinese luxury consumer. Our knowledge and expertise grew dramatically during the Luxury Insights China years, and continues to develop today.

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Of the imported cars in 2012, 31.66% of those entering China during the first seven months of the year were SUV’s. The SUV has become very popular due to the high comfortable driving position and interior space... The full article content ...

Hublot introduced a special edition watch for Ferrari owners in June and a cat walk show in July to which Manchester United players were in attendance... The full article content is only available to Luxury Insights China subscribers.

In April Harry Winston opened its second store in China in Shanghai’s Xintiandi, flying over Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick from the US TV series Gossip Girl, an odd choice, considering their consumer base in China who are unlikely to ...

The recent poor results from Burberry were blamed fair and square on China and a slowing economy, and although brands like LV have avoided commenting on the subject of a slow down and the potential affect on their business, others ...