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Reading Luxury Insights China is like having an expert member of staff to brief me for an hour each month about the Chinese luxury market and its consumers. The opinions and factual data it contains help to stimulate my thoughts as to the ways we address this critical market. Excellent!

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Luxury Insights China:

At the peak of the boom in the luxury market in China we realised that unlike those of us living in the country experiencing the variations of this sector, luxury industry leaders globally needed a regular and impartial report covering the rapid changes as part of their learning and strategy development thinking. As a result, we introduced Luxury Insights China (LIC) issuing a monthly report to our subscribers for five years until the market became more stable and changes less frequent and we felt that the period of big news had past.

Luxury Insights China is no longer issued, but we still operate and monitor the luxury sector constantly and provide our research and analytical skills to clients from around the globe to assist in pre market entry, the practical aspects of consumer acquisition and as importantly understanding of the travelling Chinese luxury consumer. Our knowledge and expertise grew dramatically during the Luxury Insights China years, and continues to develop today.

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International luxury brands get involved in the Chinese real estate industry On December 2013, the Italian luxury brand Tonino Lamborghini announced that they were preparing to enter the Chinese high-end real estate industry. Dr. Gong, chief representative of Tonino Lamborghini Asia-Pacific ...

Anti-monopoly investigation triggers luxury car price reductions On 5th August, the Chinese media reported that the Government was investigating the monopoly of the Mercedes Shanghai office, previously Chrysler and Audi had been found ...

The announcement in April by many of the top-flight luxury brands that they were increasing their list prices may have been the result of general economic pressures they have suffered in the ...

Anyone who has had any interaction with Chinese consumers, whether in China or elsewhere in the world will no doubt agree that their manner and characteristics are not like those of other ...

When the industry was optimistic about luxury e-commerce in China in 2011, a number of investment organisations held the opinion that ‘luxury items are not very suitable for selling online’. Three years have passed, and most of the flourishing online ...


Foshan, a prefecture-level city and the third largest city in Guangdong is located in the centre of the province, bordered by Guangzhou to the east and Hong Kong and Macau to the south. As a location it is one of ...

A Wechat service account, a new tool to enhance consumer experience at Cartier Launched in January 2011, WeChat has quickly risen to become one of the world’s most popular mobile messaging and social ...

Taiwan pawnshop company cooperates with Central University of Finance and Economics to establish the luxury appraisal degree In recent times, luxury consumers in Mainland China have gradually begun to accept second-hand luxury products, ...


Infiniti ride the wave of TV sponsorship The Chinese luxury market is always full of opportunities even if the media would have us believe otherwise. Even in the high-end car market where three ...

Some years ago, the Chinese luxury consumer was purely driven by brand ownership and the attached status this provided. They didn’t question the ethics or honesty of the brand, but assumed that ...