How Universities are Using Education Chatbots to Enhance the System

AI Chatbots for Education: Corporate Training, Higher Education and K-12

chatbot in education

With a bot-building platform like SnatchBot, bots can be deployed to all channels with a single click; the bots can be where the students already are, eliminating the need for multiple email accounts or online portals. Students can simply message a bot on their preferred platform—whether it’s Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or any number of others—and get a response in seconds. As chatbot technology advances, more use cases are surfacing across nearly every sector imaginable. Recently, bots have begun being implemented in education, and the foreseeable advantages are far-reaching. With BotCore’s chatbot, you can revamp your current teaching model and enhance the overall campus experience for your students.

Chatbots have been shown to be capable of providing students with immediate feedback, quick access to information, increasing engagement and interest, and creating course material individualized to the learner. Prior to the release of ChatGPT, chatbots in education have been studied extensively. Several systematic literature reviews have been conducted outlining the benefits of chatbot use in education. However, at the time of writing this chapter, there has been limited peer-reviewed research on chatbots utilizing LLMs, specifically.

Can Artificial Intelligence personalize Education?

Understanding a student’s mindset during and after the session is very important for any Educational institution. However, it is not possible for the institute to personally meet thousands of students and gather related information. Also, a lack of clarity and satisfaction among the students will waste all your time and efforts. I am looking for a conversational AI engagement solution for the web and other channels. The UK Cabinet wanted to run a campaign to reach out to students, especially from underrepresented sections of society, and encourage them to take more interest in STEM studies. They wanted to shorten their sales cycle, handle the constant influx of queries, and integrate their engagement system with their existing marketing software to store leads.

  • On this issue, Jack Krawczyk (bard’s senior product director), stated that “Google was still cautiously experimenting with presenting information about people”.
  • “Once this went out to the public, and journalists started doing it, and teachers started doing it, students started cheating with it.
  • Here an AI-Chatbot can be of great help in sorting the online applications and lowering the pressure on the administrative staff.

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personalized learning

Overburdened institutional staff can deploy chatbots to help deliver a superior learning experience to their students in a “hands-off” way. Any repetitive tasks that be delegated to a bot powered by AI technology. These AI-driven educational assistants can handle student attendance tracking, test scoring, and sending out assignments, reducing a portion of the workload for busy educators.


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