About FDKG

As specialists in the Chinese luxury sector, FDKG has spent more than 10 years building and fine-tuning the company’s practical knowledge, contacts and experience in the country so that it can service and support brands like yours. Our team is independent and flexible, made up of Chinese and international staff that live and breathe luxury and life in China every day. The services we offer luxury brands are bespoke and personal, tailored to their individual needs, which is more important today in China than it has ever been before.

FDKG provides the following services to those organisations selling to Chinese luxury consumers both within and outside of the country

  • Market and competitor assessment reports
  • Targeted bespoke consumer focused brand introduction events
  • Localisation of your offer and marketing collateral development
  • Media relations and management
  • Identification and assessment of retail partners
  • Luxury retail service auditing
  • Luxury service training

We are unique; working on both the consumer and brand sides of the market, linking the two using our services; from surveying wealthy and affluent consumers in terms of their spending habits, to planning and executing targeted niche and exclusive consumer events, and social media operation to market opportunity assessments.

Our staff are made up of highly experienced and well educated Chinese and international individuals who work as a team to deliver our products and services. We advise and support our clients across all disciplines and from end-to-end to ensure continuity and quality in their entire consumer facing activities in China.


FDKG offers a unique market intelligence service, which is driven by a combination of robust understanding of the international luxury goods sector together with intimate local Chinese market insight. The multi-lingual team, based in Shanghai and London, has offered Thomas Lyte limitless support as we ourselves prepare our road map for an Asian launch. Added to this few organizations can match their detailed and hands-on appreciation of the burgeoning HNWI's segment. Thomas Lyte would not hesitate to recommend the FDKG to any luxury player who is serious about entering the Chinese sector.

Kevin Baker
CEO at Thomas Lyte

I had a very insightful luxury ethnographic safari with FDKG. They have great contacts in China, they love it, and apparently China loves them. That gives FDKG a unique opportunity to develop deep insights into what is going on there, and then share it with western companies such as Pernod Ricard. Even though we are well installed in Asia and China in particular, and have a lot of contacts and research studies ourselves, this type of intimate learning was invaluable for me.

Vadim Grogorian
Director of Creativity and Luxury at Pernod Ricard