A visible change in lifestyle

A visible change in lifestyle

As an observer of people and in particular the Chinese people, I have and continue to see their focus moving from simply buying products for the sake of ownership to really looking for lifestyle choices and products and services that fit their vision of themselves.

This change has clearly opened the door for niche brands to move into the horizon of the younger internationalised Chinese consumers that have a story, history and uniqueness that make them stand out in a very crowded market. Their challenge however, is engagement. كازينو ٨٨٨

A social media presence is a basic requirement these days and any brand that doesn’t have this, quite honestly isn’t going to gain any traction. But just having Weibo and WeChat accounts that are one dimensional and not visually engaging is a waste of time and money; these potential clients do not have the time or energy to read, they want visual eye candy in the form of real people experiencing the brand in virtual real time! Forget nicely prepared PR images, make them feel as though they are there touching and experiencing what is on offer.

So now that they are starting to take a brand seriously, give them and actual taste of what you have to offer. They want to attend experience events where they can touch and feel the product, and/or be educated about a destination or how the product is actually made and what makes it special. العاب في الهاتف Lifestyle to the new and real luxury buyers is not about huge brand events where they can take selfies to post; it’s about small intimate gatherings where they can feel like a valued individual. روليت امريكي

The Chinese luxury consumer doesn’t want to be sold to, they want knowledge and guidance, and they will then make a personal choice. Shopping malls are places to eat and parade these days, purchases are made purposefully and deliberately, some online, but often in niche luxury stores where the experience and environment is seen as a critical part of the decision-making process.

If you as selling a product, a service or a destination to the Chinese affluent consumer these days, think lifestyle and put what you offer in context.