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Xiamen: Editor’s view

Like Shanghai and Guangzhou, Xiamen was one of China’s first batch of foreign trade ports. However the city has an additional advantage of facing Taiwan across the sea. It links closely to the outside world, via various modes of land, air and sea transportation, extending in all directions. There are Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan duty-free shops and many high-end brands in Xiamen. Apart from the favourable geographical position, the Government takes a positive attitude toward the high-end consumer market in the city as they treat promoting trade development as a governmental issue. A large number of overseas Chinese, returning overseas students, business executives and white-collar workers provide a huge market demand in Xiamen.

Based on our monitoring of the city, the highest proportion of luxury consumption in Xiamen covers watches and bags, followed by cosmetics, perfume, clothing and jewellery. With the….

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