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Watches & Jewellery June 2014


A Wechat service account, a new tool to enhance consumer experience at Cartier

Launched in January 2011, WeChat has quickly risen to become one of the world’s most popular mobile messaging and social networking platforms. In July 2013, WeChat claimed that the app has over 400 million registered users and nearly 200 million monthly active users.

To provide a better consumer experience and promote the brand, Cartier has cooperated with Wechat to set up Catier Official Service Account in June this year.
Other than ‘Latest news’, ‘Brand history’, ‘Videos’ and other information that is offered by its competitors, Catier has also customized to app to include exclusive services specifically meet Chinese luxury consumer needs.

A portable navigation device

The Cartier service account is also a portable navigation device. With the help of the LBS positioning function built into Wechat, consumers can immediately access the nearest store address, maps, contact details and all the necessary navigation information by sending their current location to the account.

Exclusive service reservation

Providing a first-class service and high quality experience has always been the goal for all luxury brands. Cartier consumers can book boutique store services through the reservation system in Wechat. It is an easy process according to Cartier; consumers just need to register and accept the request. After having been called by the brand to confirm their identity, they can enjoy an efficient, dedicated service. What’s more, consumers can evaluate the retail service by scoring via Wechat after leaving the store.

Personal translator

Going abroad to buy luxury goods is the habit of most Chinese consumers. Many brands are very sensitive to this fact but acknowledge that communicating with foreign retail staff has often been a problem. The Cartier Wechat account provides a translation function. When consumers input any Chinese name of Catier products, the software will automatically translate this into French, English or Japanese etc. helping consumers to ask for and get the right products.

Brand information courier

The account can also be set up to provide the most convenient access to information. By typing in keywords, consumers can access associated content, for example, type ‘latest news’, and the account will send all the recent reports of brand activities. Not only do consumers get the information they want, but the brand are able collect consumer behavior and interests, and push back out the right information to match the consumer demographic.

Cartier has selected the most popular Chinese social media channels, and their corresponding interactive services to educate consumers and capture the high-end market; a good choice in our view.


Store opening and brand activities

Chopard celebrated its first store opening in Southwest China on 28th April in the Chengdu IFS

On 9th May, Hublot debuted in Changchun, Jilin Province by opening a store in the Changchun Charter department store.

11th May, Chaumet opened its second store in Chengdu in the Chengdu IFS.

A flagship store for Damiani opened in Shanghai Xin Tian Di on 30th May.

Franck Muller
To expend the Chinese sales network, Franck Muller opened a new store in the Shenyang Forum66 Plaza this month

On 12th June, in the Beijing Wangfujing Department Store, Omega opened a new flagship store.

Patek Philippe
26th May, Patek Philippe launched the Maison Patek Philippe Beijing. It is the second Masion in the world and the other one is located in Shanghai. These two exclusive Masions have the same function and status as the Patek Phillippe Salon’s in Geneva, London and Paris.

A luxury Graff jewellery exhibition was held on 23th May in the Fairmont Nanjing. Many celebrities and movie stars attended the show, and jewellery worth 800 Million RMB in total was on display.


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