Luxury brands operating in China have had to face many new challenges over the past 12 months, as government regulations of various types have been implemented. The result has both reduced the opportunities to sell, and to promote the brand through advertising on TV. Added to these issues, luxury consumers are less influenced by traditional print advertising and are more selective about where and how they spend their money. So what is a brand to do?

Many brands operating in China have been running high quality events, catwalk shows, exhibitions and private viewings, but these are always in a temporary and staged environment, and does not really provide the consumers who attend a vision of how these products or services fit into and bring value to their lifestyles. For those luxury brands operating outside of China, the volume of Chinese consumers travelling for leisure, and to make luxury purchases is increasing, but these consumers still need to recognise the brand, know its values and story, and above all put their trust in it.

In China images communicate better than words and the more specific the images the better, if the consumer is to get the message quickly and succinctly. Film images enable stories to be told and information to be transferred in a way that is easily received by Chinese consumers. Showing someone how to drink champagne, or how to decorate a room with your products is far more effective than any static display. They can see people wearing and using product or enjoying services that otherwise have no obvious linkages to their lives.

Neutral and well shot TV coverage offers brands a method to explain the intangibles of their product without the luxury consumer losing face due to a lack of existing knowledge, and therefore gives them the social edge when speaking with their friends on the subject. They have seen it, understand it, and therefore it becomes part of their everyday life.

The Highlife platform is an independent trusted vehicle for brands to tell the untold stories that cannot be communicated in any other way, and to reach into the lives and hearts of the viewers.



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