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The challenges of the cigar market in China

In recent years, an interesting saying has appeared on Chinese social media ‘the highest state of life: earning Dubai wages, living in a UK house, smoking Cuban cigars, wearing a Swiss watch, driving a German car…’ Although this originated as an online joke, there is no doubt that cigars, especially Cuban cigars have become very popular in China.

As discussed in the April 2014 issue of Luxury Insight China, the Chinese cigar market is currently in a rapid development period that retailers and insiders in the industry are optimistic about. There are also many businessmen eager and ready to invest in the industry, opening tobacco stores and hoping for good profits. Although the overall trend in the cigar market is promising, it cannot be denied that the cigar sector in China is still in a stage of opening up. Considering the cultural differences between China and the West as well as government policies and regulation, there are plenty of problems to solve if the cigar market is to really take off. …

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