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Tell them who you are, where you’re from and why you’re great!

I compare marketing to a dating show; you need to show or tell the person you are trying to attract about yourself so they start to build a connection with you. For luxury brands, by telling them where you are from, they start to reinforce images they have of that location (assuming it’s a good one), and of course, don’t hold back in telling them why you are so great. At that point the ingredients are in place for them to potentially fall in love with you.

In this example, the people behind the wine bar certainly appear to have failed on all counts to do any of these things. What we have to consider is that even for those of us who are foreigners, the choice of wines in the world is huge, and we cannot be expected to know every grape, region, vineyard and producer unless we are a serious wine buff or we work in that specific industry. I doubt that too many non Italians would know much about the wines of Piermonte, or be able to name (m)any, so this bar/store needed to tell its potential clientele a story. The story needs hooks that in this case would be geographic, involve famous wines from the region such as Barolo and perhaps some historical references that give it longevity….

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