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Sep 2013 – Publisher’s opinion

I have been fortunate to be working with a partner on the production of a new luxury lifestyle TV show to start airing on Chinese TV at the end of September. Between us, we came up with the idea about 18 months ago, but it has taken this long to blossom and take shape. The principal is much like that of Luxury Insights China but for consumers i.e. it is educational, informative and entertaining. There is a slightly light-hearted angle to it because TV here can be either very formal or simplistic.

The timing of its introduction is appropriate given the clear desire of luxury consumers to learn more about what they spend their money on before they buy, rather than purely following the crowd. Our Chinese host considers two contrasting choices in each episode, asks a senior executive or expert why they fit into a luxury lifestyle and asks people on the street how they choose hotels, investments, wine, clothing, cars etc. The use of a one of a kind car in China driven by a foreign chauffeur just adds to the intrigue…

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