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Second hand luxury is no longer second rate

Buying anything second hand in the public domain in China, has always had a stigma attached to it, especially if its ‘luxury’. There is the face of success associated with being seen buying new products, or having them delivered to your home or office; old things were perceived as a sign of being out of step with the times or just being less successful than others. The track record of the luxury sector in China is full of examples of individuals buying yet another luxury car, when they already have four and don’t really need one. Or people buying another property and leaving all the furniture from their current home behind and completely refitting it from top to bottom with new items. This attitude has become common practice.

A new purchase also had to come from a branded store to ensure that it was genuine; the fear of buying and then owning fake items was shameful. The trust, or lack of it from any source other than the original manufacturing brand has always been leveraged by those selling luxury here, but with the slowing of the economy and apparent consumer spending, are brands losing sales to other source’s of original product? Buying second hand has come of age in the past 12 months, and more stores have appeared on the high streets offering used, and some new and unused products to those who want to make their budgets stretch a little further, or those who cannot wait any longer for the full price item…
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