Luxury watch consumption in China

Clients: Harrods

A luxury retailer like Harrods receives visitors from all over the world passing through its doors every day. Some are just browsing the huge array of products available while others come to make specific purchases. Within the store a beautiful watch room in which consumers can find some of the most famous and most expensive watches in the world. Often it receives Chinese visitors who spend increasingly large sums buying watches; the question we were asked to research and answer was how do these consumers select which brands to purchase and what are they are specifically looking for in the Harrods offer.


This comprehensive report assessing the luxury watch market in China, its consumer behaviour, demographics and the preferences that segmented them, and analysed each group, going on to deliver associated recommendations in terms of localised communication and marketing. Our report also evaluated how watch brands were marketing and selling in China and the effectiveness of the different approaches based on a sample of one-to-one interviews with those owning at least one watch costing between 20,000 and 50,000 RMB. In our case 10% of those spoken to each owned at least one watch valued at between 1M and 5M RMB.