High Net Worth consumer engagement

Clients: Boadicea the Victorious, Hillersdon House

Effectively connecting with target consumer groups is a challenge within the increasingly competitive and fluid luxury market in China. Consumers have become more knowledgable and individual and are selecting to spend their money on more lifestyle experiences. Luxury brands that do not have any physical presence in China, or those with limited experience of the HNW consumer need assistance to effectively understand them, guidance in their communications with them, and help to bring key groups of them together to learn about and experience what the brand has to offer.

Boadicea the Victorious is an English hand made natural perfume sold in a small number of very select luxury outlets around the world and is currently not yet retailed in China.

Hillersdon House is an exclusive English country house that is rented to individuals or groups for week-long periods where they can relax and enjoy English country lifestyle activities such as shooting, fishing and riding as though they owned the property themselves.


Boadicea the Victorious

Story telling and positioning to the print and online media (put a link behind this to the media page covering BTV)

Well organized and executed high quality and highly engaging experiential events at which consumers can learn about perfume creation and explore a wide variety of fragrances of luxury quality

Directly connecting the brand and the experience to key consumer groups who will tell the brand story to others and purchase the product when they travel


Hilersdon House

Explaining the lifestyle of an English country gentlemen through print and digital media, and how Chinese guests can experience the activities and the ambience without needing to buy a multi-million pound property like this

Organisation of media and VIP visits to experience the home and introduce this experience to other potential HNW clients at events in China

The development of unique visit programmes for guests so that they utilize the property, and prepare them for their own special experience