Dr Lancer interview

Robb Report, September 2014


Man’s Hair Care

1/ What are the main causes of hair loss in the autumn and winter? (Chinese experience: both woman and man lose more hair in autumn and winter)

It has been found that during the summer months when the sun is strongest, our bodies hold on to our “resting” hair follicles for longer in order to protect our scalps from the sun. As the seasons change and temperatures drop, there is no longer a need for this protection and the scalp allows our “resting” follicles to drop their hairs. This is the most common cause of extra hair loss in the autumn and winter.

2/ In view of these causes, how might they be resolved?

As this is a natural pattern of growth, the best way to treat it is through a diet that supports the growth of healthy new hair, and avoiding damaging treatments like bleach, dyes, and heat tools. A diet rich in healthy fats (avocados, grape seed oil, fish etc.) and lean protein is the best support system for healthy hair.

3/ In terms of diet, are there any particular types of food that may cause hair loss? And which types of food will make hair healthier?

Processed carbs, sugars, and excessive salt intake will damage the health of hair. The best foods for healthy hair are high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and packed with lean protein.

4/ If it is mental stress that leads to hair loss, what would Dr Lancer recommend as effective treatments?

If someone is experiencing hair loss as a result of stress, they should take a long look at their lifestyle. What is the source of the stress? In working to identity what causes them undue concern, I always also recommend my patients partake in at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise, which will help lower cortisol levels in the body. Meditating and practicing yoga are two other excellent, natural ways of coping with stress.

5/ Are there any special/ healthy hair washing techniques (such as wash from top to bottom etc.) to be recommended?

Try to not wash hair every day. Doing so strips the scalp and the hair shaft of it’s natural, hydrating oils, and can lead to breakage, and weak, dull hair. Massaging grapeseed, avocado or coconut oil directly to the scalp and hair is a great natural treatment to keep hair strong, healthy and hydrated.