As a business, we take a holistic approach to working with our clients, and bring into each engagement a large volume of experience across sectors and marketing/promotion activities. We understand the Chinese luxury consumer and align the activities of the brand based on this understanding. This approach means we can work with a client from end-to-end or any portion in between, read on to see examples of how we deliver demonstrable value to those we work with.

  • Luxury watch consumption in China

    Clients: Harrods Challenge A luxury retailer like Harrods receives visitors from all over the world passing through its doors every day. Some are just browsing the huge array of products available while others come to make specific purchases. Within the store a beautiful watch room in which consumers can find some of the most famous […]

  • Chinese city specific luxury market, retail and consumer research

    Clients: International residential and commercial property developer Challenge In a country as large as China with so many huge cities, it is not possible to apply a generic model to the way consumers think or how a local market operates. The geography of the country means that any investment in retail, especially one involving hundreds […]

  • Retail market and business assessment

    Client: Bo Concept Challenge Bo Concept is a world renowned and long established premium home & interior brand which established its presence in China many years ago and plans to inject further capital to capture future market growth and potential. FDKG was asked to provide a thorough assessment of the market growth potential, development trends, […]

  • High Net Worth consumer engagement

    Clients: Boadicea the Victorious, Hillersdon House Challenge Effectively connecting with target consumer groups is a challenge within the increasingly competitive and fluid luxury market in China. Consumers have become more knowledgable and individual and are selecting to spend their money on more lifestyle experiences. Luxury brands that do not have any physical presence in China, […]

  • Luxury Market Safari

    Client: A global Alcohol brand Challenge The brand is long established internationally including China. However, the brand is planning to create a true luxury product line and needed to understand luxury perceptions and practices in China. Deliverables A successful day long luxury safari was carefully planned and scheduled for the group company Global Marketing Director […]

  • Market opportunity and entry assessment

    Client: Ariella Challenge Ariella is a world-leading and long established woman’s wear brand which is attracted by the large potential of the high end Chinese women’s wear market. However, it needs to understand whether there is a demand for their specific product range, who the target demographic would be, how to position the brand, and […]