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Now you see me, now you don’t! The pro’s and con’s of yoyo Chinese attention

You will have read in previous articles in Luxury Insights China that the country is one of complete contradiction; not only in the luxury sector do we see this, but in all sectors and all walks of life. Double standards are at home in China, and in fact quite the norm! Saying one thing and then doing another, is almost to be expected.

These contradictions will test your patience, but by understanding the culture and the simple fact that this is how things work, brands can use them to their advantage in a way they might not be able to in other global territories. The great challenge for any brand is to be flexible and to handle the situation they find themselves in when operating in China quite differently from the way they would elsewhere. The simple advice is to do what is needed even if this does not fit the standard company process; because in 99.9% of cases, it will not. ….

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