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Notable cities in the H1 2013 Brand Reach Review

The 2013 H1 Brand Reach Review released on July 1st by Luxury Insights China, was the second of an on-going series to assess the expansion and migration of luxury retail stores across China. Although only six months since the first benchmark review, it highlighted that it will be some considerable time before the luxury retail market in China settles down, and that there will be an ebb and flow of influence of some of the tier 2 and tier 3 cities as brands firmly establish themselves.

In this issue of Luxury Insights China, we assess some of top 15 luxury retail dense cities in detail, identifying some of the peculiarities affecting those that have moved or remained stationary in the rankings. As with many things, life in China can be affected by influences that aren’t so important or critical elsewhere in the world, and the attraction of a city to a luxury brand just one.

The graph below plots the current distribution of luxury retail in each city across the four sectors of autos, fashion and accessories, and watches and jewellery. The orange trend line plots the current average distribution trend by city, whereas the dotted black line is the trend of the review carried out in December 2012. In cities with a mature luxury retail market such as Beijing and Shanghai, we see as expected, that the luxury auto presence represent a much lower percentage of overall retail than other sectors. …

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