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May 2014 – Publisher’s opinion

I have had many discussion this month on the topic of the Chinese lifestyle, and how it is changing, but also how day to day Chinese culture remains as it was for the majority and its only for the middle class, affluent and wealthy that life and hence lifestyle has moved on. Money doesn’t change ingrained cultural habits and behaviours, but it does open the eyes of those who see other side of life when travelling.

Money has allowed a huge number of Chinese to break out of a cultural environment, but it’s their natural curiosity that drives them to look for new values, products and services. If they were not a curious people, there would not be so much opportunity for luxury brands, and it’s this curiosity that the brands need to tap into. Having said this, those of us who understand the Chinese culture will also know that their attention span is also short, so curiosity in their case could be short lived. …

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