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Luxury Retail Service in China, the missing link

The first ever multi-brand luxury retail service audit in Shanghai, shows room for improvement and an opportunity to dramatically increase sales.

2012 was a tipping point, and 2013 is the year of consolidation for the luxury market in China, the old rules have changed, and new ones now apply. Service in China’s luxury stores has typically been lower than many other places in the world for many reasons, but it could easily be improved and used as a differentiator in a more difficult market.

Our audit team set out to determine the current level of luxury service in Shanghai across 39 of the best-known luxury brands within the Watches & Jewellery, and Fashion & Accessory sectors.

Management summary

This report summarises the findings of the first ever, independent multi-brand luxury store audit carried out in Shanghai across the Watches & Jewellery, and Fashion & accessory sectors. 39 stores belonging to 39 individual brands were audited over a two-week period, by the same audit team, using consistent audit criteria to ensure repeatability of the data gathered ……

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