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Luxury kids’ wear become a popular gift in Children’s Day

A 4,000 RMB Dior windbreaker and a 1,500 RMB Armani bag, you may not believe that these luxury items are Children’s Day present to some of the children in Shanghai.

Who wants luxury kids’ wear?

In China, there are many young luxury consumers, and when they become a mother they often become a fan of luxury kids’ wear. Those young mothers who follow children’s luxury claim that ‘all daughters should grow up with luxury. Luxury goods will broaden and enrich their horizons, so that they will find a successful husband and live in a wealthy life in the future’

‘None of the clothes on my child is worth less than 300 RMB’ according to Ms Liao, a mother of a 2-year-old girl. She explained ‘the stroller is imported from Europe and cost me 9,000 RMB; the clothes you see are from the US; the wet wipes and mosquito repellent cream she uses are also imported’ …

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