“Luxury Insights China, never heard of it, we need real and current data about the Chinese luxury market……”

“Well I have read a sample of their monthly report and its very comprehensive”

“But its probably just like all the other web based sites talking all about the Chinese luxury sector, no detail and its all recycled……”

“Actually, they research, analyse and write all the content each month to ensure it’s correct and current”

“So what do they actually know about China, I bet they are based in Europe or the US and just write from a distance…….”

“Everything is gathered by their team based in Shanghai who meet senior staff of luxury brands, carry out mystery shopping, and survey and meet wealthy Chinese consumers regularly”

“So they are a bunch of academics just collecting data are they, no real practical business experience….”

“Admittedly all their staff holds Masters Degrees in Strategic Marketing, International Business Management, Fashion Management etc., but these are business people with many tens of years of experience between them”

“So they are smart, what do they know about our challenges in China then?”

“Within the same company, their staff work with and advise International luxury brands wanting to enter China, and luxury brands already there, oh yes, and they are just about to co-produce a luxury show for a Chinese TV channel”

“We need regular information about the whole luxury market in China, as well as specifics related to our own sector, I suppose this Luxury Insights China delivers all that does it?”

“In fact it does, everything from fashion, to watches and jewellery, cars to luxury hotels. The city reports each month are really valuable, and the brand management section is extremely informative”

“Can’t we get one of our team to gather all the same stuff each month?”

“Unfortunately, we don’t have the time or the depth of knowledge in-house to filter the data impartially, what we need is a broad but concise summary that we can use in our strategic planning, and managing our distribution partners”

“So who reads this Luxury Insights China already then?”

“Their subscribers include senior executives of Swatch Group, Vertu, Harrods, Furla and many more, so their content is obviously valuable across many luxury sectors”

“Hmmm, so it sounds valuable, how do we get our own regular copy?”

“We can subscribe via their website and then it will be sent to us on the 1st of each month electronically, and in addition, we get copies of their special reports three times a year”

“So what’s the catch……”

“None at all. It would be a great source of reliable, well assessed and current information about the Chinese luxury market, a really valuable tool.”