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Luxury cruising

With the rapid improvement in national living standards and the increased demand for tourism, joining a cruise has become a new vacation choice and way to relax that is increasingly favoured by Chinese nationals; currently demonstrating a 30% -50% annual growth. According to government data, in 2013, ports in Mainland China handled 422 cruise ships and 620,000 cruise passengers, an increase of 48% and 87% respectively over the previous year.

Taking Shanghai which is China’s first cruise homeport city as an example, in 2013, approximately 600 passenger ships either departed from or sailed to Shanghai (including ships from Hong Kong), an overall increase of 33%, of the total nearly 400 were cruise liners, representing a substantial increase of 61%. A total number of 1.18 million ship passengers and staff passed through the Shanghai Entry-Exit frontier inspection point to either go aboard or enter China, an increase of 122% over 2012. …

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