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Luxury Cars September 2012

China is now the largest market in the world for Bentley and Lamborghini, and second largest for Ferrari and Maserati.

The Growing SUV Market

Of the imported cars in 2012, 31.66% of those entering China during the first seven months of the year were SUV’s. The SUV has become very popular due to the high comfortable driving position and interior space. Anyone who has driven on China’s roads will understand that an elevated driving position not only allows the status conscious Chinese to look down on others, but also delivers a level of ‘power’ when pushing into long lines of traffic where the rules of the road are basically ignored in favour of ‘he who dares wins’.

Vehicle Localisation

The year of the dragon has resulted in a Rolls Royce Dragon Phantom, the Dartz Prombron Black Dragon armoured SUV, the Dragon 88 limited edition Aston Martin DBS Volante and the Lotus GTE China limited edition available to only 188 lucky people. Not to be outdone by dragons, Bentley launched the Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee with only 60 available in China, and Ferrari introduced 20 China Limited edition 458’s.


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