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Learn to follow their rules and not yours

I was recently invited to attend a wine tasting dinner in one of the best hotels in Shanghai, a lovely venue with an eclectic group of people split 50/50 Chinese and foreign. As guests of a wine distribution company, we were treated to Champagne, and some very nice French red and white. Surprisingly there was also some Chinese red and white on the tasting list, produced in Inner Mongolia. I say surprisingly, not because it shouldn’t be there, but our hosts were French, and to introduce wines from China was a symbol of their acknowledgement that wine drinkers these days have broad tastes, and that the world of wine needs to accept progress.

I actually think that the reason our hosts included local wine was an opportunity for them to engage more closely and visibly with China, which they did by inviting the owner of the vineyard and some of his acquaintances to attend and gave him a chance to speak about what is clearly his passion.…
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