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Jul and Aug 2014

On 25th July, Italian luxury watch manufacturer Panerai opened its 10th store in China, in the Chengdu IFC. At the new store opening, the brand introduced two special models for the city. The panda, the emblem of the city is engraved on the backs of the two models’ which are only available in Chengdu. One model limited to only 10 units is priced at 101,700 RMB and the other costing 45,900 RMB is limited to 50 units.

The marketing strategy specifies that 10 pieces can be bundled while 40 watches are to be sold individually. One set comprises of two models with matching codes. The set of watches for Chengdu sold very well. In under a month, 8 sets were sold; only two sets with the code number ‘5’ and ‘6’ are currently waiting for buyer. ….

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