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Jinan: Editor’s view

Due to the rapid development of the port city of Qingdao, Jinan was not the first choice location for most luxury brands. But in recent years, luxury brands have saturated the first-tier and developed second-tier cities, so Jinan is a relatively new market that has been added to the plan.

Based on our retail monitoring, up until the end of 2013, Jinan has 40 outlets for luxury cars, fashion, watches and jewellery, 9 less than Qingdao, not a significant difference in numbers, but in actuality, Jinan is far behind in the luxury car and jewellery sectors.

In the initial development stage, men’s watches and accessories were the first sectors for luxury brands entering Jinan. In recent years, the proportion of luxury cosmetics, female clothing and accessories has increased tremendously and given woman greater choice. …

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