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Jinan: Consumer attitude

Although Jinan is not on the TOP 10 GDP city list, luxury consumption has gained the consumer’s approval, and is part of their daily lives. Qilu Evening News surveyed 1,208 randomly selected citizens in Jinan in terms of their luxury consumption attitude. The data showed that 90.4% of respondents were planning to buy or have bought luxury goods at that time.

In recent years with the development of the city, more luxury brands have come to Jinan and released the purchasing power of local consumers, as well as those in the surrounding cities. A manager in the Guihe Shopping Center said that consumers from surrounding cities would take a shopping tour of Jinan and buy high-end products. He also thought that half of the sales made in Guihe are from non-resident consumers. The parking lot at Parc66’s has proven invaluable, as over 30% of the cars parking there at weekends are not local, the percentage increases during vacation times such as the National Day period. …

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