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It’s never the money!

I have developed a mantra over the past few years that I recite repetitively (and possibly boringly) to those I speak to about the Chinese luxury consumer, which is ‘it’s never the money!’ The reason I quote it to anyone that will listen is because to our western minds spending a great deal of money on an item, service or investment often appears to be the stumbling block over which we must hurdle in order to make a decision i.e it’s the first concern for us.

For the Chinese, money has a contradictory property. They will quibble about 1 RMB sometimes when we would just consider that a waste of time and energy, yet when it comes to big ticket items that make them feel or look good, they are happy to spend far more than we might, or would consider reasonable. It’s never the money!

I am fortunate to know and have some wealthy Chinese as friends and they are some of the most generous people you will ever find. Many reading this will know that the Chinese like to pay for your dinner and many other things, yet with their business dealings…

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