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It’s a case of hotdogs and noodles

This piece may not immediately resonate with the luxury market, but I use it to demonstrate very different attitudes between people in China and those in the US to essentially the same activity. The basis of differences discussed are cultural, habitual and knowledge based.

A couple of weekends ago, I was invited to the Shanghai International Circuit to watch the World Endurance race, a six hour track race where factory teams of some of the worlds big car brands and private teams funded by sponsorship compete as part of a world series of races, the most famous being the 24 hour race at Le Mans in France. No doubt Europeans with any interest in cars will know Le Mans, although its fame probably doesn’t spread to the US or Asia, so as one might expect, drumming up support in China is not an easy task.

The weather was sunny with a slight breeze, ideal if you want to sit and watch cars zip past at 180 mph every three or four minutes, but it’s a specialist spectator sport in anyone’s eyes. For the Chinese, who are not ‘petrol heads’ as the Brits call them, watching any motorsport is quite alien to them, they don’t really understand cars from a technical perspective, so it was surprising to see a grandstand almost full of people ready for the start of the race.….

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