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It wasn’t all clothing and bags

On 11th Nov, Ms. Huang from Zhejiang province purchased a 13.33 Carat rough diamond for 20.5 Million RMB online. The diamond is from the Zocai flagship Tmall store that is not a well-known brand in China. It is reported that the lady is pregnant and her husband paid the huge sum to reward her for carrying his child as well as to create an heirloom to be passed on.

“Ms Huang is a diamond amateur and a royal customer of Zocai. She liked the diamond and hesitated for a long time. Over a period of weeks we had communicated with her and finalised the deal on the morning of the 11th. She prepaid a 5 Million RMB deposit online and will pay the balance after she receives the diamond as a piece of custom-made jewellery.” Wu Tao, the General Manager of Zocai said “We named the 13.33 Carat diamond ‘The Plough’ after the star formation, it is the highest quality being colorless, flawless and cut to 3EX. The recommended retail price is about 50 Million RMB, so 20.5 Million RMB is even less than half price.” …

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