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Investing overseas

In recent years, many Chinese have started to look for property investment opportunities overseas for a variety of reasons. One of which has been the uncertainty of property ownership in China, where in fact all land belongs to the state and nobody ever owns a home outright. The other being government policy to slow the growth of the property sector which has been expanding at a very rapid rate because purchasers see bricks and mortar as a safe haven for their cash.

As a result of the recently slowing domestic economy, government real estate control policies now limit the number of properties individuals can own, and appreciation of the RMB, many Chinese HNWI’s from the Yangtze River and Pearl River Delta regions’ have begun to invest in overseas property markets as vehicles to preserve and appreciate their assets. Some commentators have estimated that based on the current assets and population of Chinese HNWI’s, 1.1 Trillion RMB may be invested in the overseas’ property markets in future. …

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