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Harbin: Economy

In 2012 the annual regional GDP was 455.0 Billion RMB, or 45,810 RMB per capita, with a growth rate of 10.0% compared to 2011. First tier industries increased by 50.68 Billion RMB, second tier by 163.89 Billion RMB, while tertiary industries increased by 240.44 Billion RMB. Industrial added value grew 10% to 67.7 Billion RMB. Equipment manufacturing, the food, automobile, pharmaceutical, chemical and tourism are the 6 major industries of the city. The total retail sales of consumer goods were 239.5 Billion RMB, an increase of 15.7%. And per capita disposable income of urban residents increased 12.3% reaching 22,499 RMB, against which per capita nonproductive expenditure was 17,615, only increasing by 8.5%…

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