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Harbin: Consumer attitude

Heilongjiang Province is in northeast China, a remote location meaning the economic situation is far behind that of the eastern coastal cities, and as a result consumer attitudes towards luxury goods in Harbin are relatively basic compared to other big cities. The population still seeks out well-known brands, large logos on products, and conspicuous consumption is the current trend.

Li Xiao, a 31 year old mother of 2 children owns a number of luxury products from Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry, Gucci, Omega and Cartier, that include handbags, shoes, clothing, belts, scarves, hats, watches. She is living in a frontier town that is not yet developed and the best mall in that town can’t meet her needs. To solve the problem, she has turned to the internet or goes into Harbin to purchase luxury goods…

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