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Fuzhou: Editor’s view

Fuzhou was ranked 30th for GDP in China in 2013.According to the 2013 Hurun Report, the city has over 9,200 millionaires with assets over 10 million RMB and 630 people with over 100 million RMB.

The most obvious feature in the Fuzhou luxury market is the strong consumption ability of the surrounding eight counties. The perception is that over 50% of the luxury consumption in Fuzhou’s high-end market is a result of spending by citizens from these eight counties. Nowadays, many of the world’s top luxury brands such as LV, Gucci and Cartier are optimistic about Fuzhou high-end market and have established themselves in the city. These international brands didn’t require any pre promotion before opening as the Fuzhounese are quite familiar with these names. ….

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