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Fuzhou: Economy

The GDP of Fuzhou in 2013 was 467.9 Billion RMB, an increase of 11.5% compared to 2012. Industrial added value increased to 165.45 Billion RMB, or 13.2% for the same period.

Among them, the Textile Processing increased by 18.6%, the Leather, Fur & Feather Processing and Shoe Manufacturing Industries increased by 13.6%, the Electricity & Heat Supply Industry increased 7.6%,the Black metal Manufacture increased by 17.0%,Non-metallic Mineral Products by 23.3%,the Primary Products Processing Industry increased by 9.6%,Mechanical industries by 19.2% and the Chemical Fiber Manufacture Industry increased by 26.4%. The total retail sales of consumer goods was 268.17 Billion RMB, up 15.6 %, and per….

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