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Cities that stand out

It would be expected that luxury retailers would have traditionally established a presence in tier one cities and then expanded into tier two provincial capitals and so on. In this ranking we see two cities that look a little out of place; Shenyang and Kunming.

Shenyang has been an anomaly for some time, and close on the heels of Beijing and Shanghai in terms of the volume of luxury products sold in China. In its own right, it is only ranked 16th in terms of GDP which is approximately one third of that of Shanghai. You can read about the city in the October 2012 issue of LIC, it is known in China as the “home of machinery”, a favoured destination of firms in the industrial sector such as General Motors, Coca Cola, BMW and Siemens. What is interesting is who is buying all the luxury products? The general population would appear not to have enough wealth to put the city so high on the ranking, the cities proximity to North Korea has generated rumours associated with spending from across the border, but we can only describe the city as unusual. …

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