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Cigar market overview

The consumption preference of wealthy Chinese has changed and matured over the past decade as new and more personal purchases have become the trend ranging from Supercars to luxury fashion, luxury watches, collectibles, golf and wine. Most recently, the cigar culture has become popular as people start to engage more with lifestyle related habits rather than visible material items. A greater number of people are trying to understand the cigar culture and history, and to enjoy the smoking habit. An increasing number of high-end hotels or clubs have also begun to set up cigar bars to cater for the new interest.

As the wealthy become more international and have improving tastes, they also like to associate with the cigar history and culture, and as a result, some of them have collected large numbers of cigars that they never smoke. One other driver for the growth of this market may be the government anti-corruption actions, because this campaign has focused on consumption of red and white wine, luxury cars, luxury watches and other luxury sectors that are popular and familiar; cigar consumption has not been used as an indicator. …

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