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Chongqing is a municipality directly under the central government control, and is the central city in southwest China covering an area of nearly 82402.95 sq. km. It is one of China’s most important modern manufacturing bases and a comprehensive transportation hub in the southwest of the country. Becoming a municipality in 1997, the Chongqing economy has made significant gains, forming huge numbers of industry clusters in the electronic information, automobile, equipment manufacturing, chemical, material, energy and manufacturing sectors. The Eurasia International railway is one of the international railway lines running from Chongqing to Europe that opened in January 2011. The railway line from Chongqing to Duisburg has a total length of 11,179 km, is one of the longest railway connections in the world.

Situated in a subtropical monsoon climatic region, the city has a moderate climate, with an annual average temperature of approximately 16~18 degrees centigrade. It is also known as ‘the foggy city’ and has over 100 foggy days each year. ….

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