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Chongqing: Luxury retail distribution

There are three main business circles in Chongqing, the Guanyinqiao, Jiefangbei and Yangjiaping districts. Many large shopping malls selling both international and domestic well-known brands of clothing, accessories, shoes and cosmetics have been established in these areas. The Guanyinqiao district is the center of Chongqing politics, economy and culture, and has the most developed transportation connections. It has many large shopping plazas, including the Starlight 68 Plaza and Stage Mall. In Jiefangbei district, includes a pedestrian street handling more than 300,000 people daily, and more than 1 million at peak holiday times. Jiefangbei business district also contains the Gold Eagle, Times Square, and WFC malls. Yangjiaping district located in the old industrial base area where a huge number of local residents live and most of them preferred shopping in the malls around, such as MIXC rather than go to the city center. ….

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