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Chinese tourism shopping reaches: $105 billion

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A joint survey of Chinese overseas tourism shopping during the first ten months of 2015 was released at the beginning of November by (one of China’s major travel BBS sites), the card center of the Bank of China and (a recommendation engine based on data mining technology). The report estimated that China’s overseas travelling shopping market size has grown to 684.1 billion RMB ($105.56 billion). The joint report monitored and reviewed over 600 million overseas travellers’, netizens’ and viewers’ including items purchase during their trips, expenses for each purchase, comments online, viewing rates, and other data in order to paint a picture of their overseas shopping habits.


The report indicated the average spend of a single Chinese tourist increased to 5820 RMB, up 16.3% compared to 2014. Across all consumers, 53.6% put shopping as the top reason of their travel, and on average, shopping expenses covered 55.8% of their total expenditure on each trip.

Compared with an estimation that China’s domestic e-commerce market size is now worth about 240 billion RMB made by BigData-Research, the overseas tourism shopping market is larger; probably due to the popularity of e-commerce among the younger generation, while tourism shopping is favored by all age groups.

According to usage research carried out by Alipay the most popular online payment method in China, those aged between 40 to 50 years old only represent about 3% of all users that made a purchase using the payment facility during sales activities initiated by the Ali Group and offline chain stores. The older generations have more time on their hands to travel and make purchases, and are likely to be less familiar and interested in buying online or via a mobile.


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