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China begins to protect its tourists

The first “Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China”, which had been in the system for about 30 years was finally adopted by China’s top legislature and will take effect on 1st October.

In essence, what this means is that tourist attractions, or other destinations for example, cannot pay commissions to travel companies and their staff, that include them on the travel itinerary as a means to make money. This will affect those destinations that rely on volumes of Chinese visiting to make money. But it does now create a level playing field for all international destinations, luxury brands etc. to establish their name with the Chinese population, and indirectly encourage travellers to ask a travel company to include them on the tour. The law is unlikely to affect the wealthy travellers, many of whom will not take part in a pre-planned tour, but may have a bespoke itinerary created for them; more on this later. …

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