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Building foundations in China will develop sales elsewhere in the world

The last point to make here is that by establishing a reputation with Chinese consumers in China, a brand does not need to set up shop in China itself, those with money spend more when outside of the country than they do in it. If they start to recognise your name and fall in love with it, they will seek you out when they take their holidays, or travel on business. The brand building and awareness will be developing, and you haven’t had the expense and hard work of opening a physical presence in China!

Perhaps five or more years ago, relatively few Chinese travelled internationally, so every brand needed stores in China to monetize their investment and publicise their brand, but today everyone from 18 year old students to 60 year old grandparents travel, and buy items for their own consumption and as gifts for friends. The people will come to you if you have got the basics right and consistently delivered a message that they can understand and empathise with. Of course there is no guarantee of sales by spending marketing budget in China, but if you don’t do this, most people will tell you that you can guarantee that you will not sell much, if anything to the travelling Chinese….

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