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Brand reach by city and sector

On the map to the right, 22 cities are listed each falling within the top 15 in terms of store or dealership coverage for one or more of the four sectors reviewed. Individual sectors are colour coded, the number in the coloured circle represents the national ranking of that city in terms of its store numbers.

What is apparent from this map, is that cities that do not fall into the top 20 GDP category, still have many wealthy citizens and therefore attract luxury brands, the probability is that in these locations the gap between the wealthy and the rest of the population is large. A city like Harbin in the Northeast ranks well in the watch sector, but does not make the top 15 in luxury cars, whereas Tianjin close to Beijing ranks in all four categories, but lowest in watches.

Top 20 GDP city Qingdao ranks 11 in luxury cars, yet doesn’t make the top 15 in any other sector. In the December Luxury Insights China report Qingdao was featured, it is the home for electronics suppliers, and high-speed train manufacturing, and a major seaport, yet its importance to the luxury sector at this time is less than other cities……[Click to free download the full report]


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