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Brand positioning; the key step to success

Wendy Yuen was born in Hong Kong and moved to Shanghai in 2002. She has worked in marketing for more than 20 years, the first 12 years in cosmetics before moving into the luxury fashion with Zegna, Dunhill and lastly as GM of Loewe China.
In 2013, Wendy established her own business in the cosmetics sector and has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Melbourne.

You have worked for both Dunhill and Loewe in the past five years, can you provide some background to these brands in China?

Loewe entered China in 2000 opening its first store in Beijing China World, and it took a while for the brand to gain traction. Four years ago a new CEO joined Loewe who directed focus to the brand history and craftsmanship, and moving stores to more suitable locations, which made a real difference.

Loewe product quality is in my view, as good as that of Hermes but perhaps this is not well known in China. Hermes may have been better at telling its story to Chinese consumers than other brands. In 2011, when I was GM, we achieved significant growth which I would put down to improving the local team, being more aggressive with our promotional events and selecting better store locations…..

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