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Ken Grant

Ken is the publisher of Luxury Insights China, he is regularly asked for his comments and opinions of the luxury sector in China by the media, and speaks at conferences on the subject. His international marketing experience covers 25 years, and most territories of the world.

Chinese consumers need to drop their guard

I have just been watching a TV programme about the British luxury store Liberty situated on London’s Regents Street during which I saw a woman buying cushions for her new home. Her heart was lifted by the choices she made and she explained that she just wanted to make her new place warm and cosy, which many of us will understand and probably have been shopping for similar reasons in ...


Please stop blaming gift giving

We all like to find an excuse for why we didn’t do something or what caused our original plans or goals to be derailed; we want to avoid the blame and shift the focus elsewhere. But the constant finger pointing to the reduction in gift giving, and Chinese government crackdowns on frivolous purchasing among its staff is wearing a bit thin now. As I have written on more than one occasion, ...


Is e-showrooming the future for Chinese consumers?

The recent record breaking ‘singles day’ online sales in China, and the huge growth in mobile technology adoption and usage has set my mind racing on the subject of the future of traditional retailing in the country. Over the past 12 months, retailers have struggled to attract buyers into their stores to spend money and are also having to change the way they interact with the consumer; and for some ...


Brand management is dead. Long live the brand shepherd.

I must firstly admit that the title of this piece is not mine, I borrowed it from a friend and PR guru Hamish Thompson who is the MD of what he, tongue in cheek calls ‘the best PR agency you have never heard of’’; 1238kmh. Hamish and his team are very creative and a great asset to any brand wanting to create truly valuable PR. The reason I lifted the headline ...


Connecting product to lifestyle the Chinese way

I have read a few articles recently that talk about the need for brands to sell lifestyle and not product. لعبة بينجو Forgive my bluntness, but this has been the case for the past 12 months or more and is in fact old news. However, what is apparent to me is that for a brand to demonstrate how its products are part of a lifestyle can be difficult. ...


Chinese luxury sector thought leadership, a rare commodity

In a market like China, there are many people vying to be seen as a valuable source of market information to those outside of the country, and one only has to do a simple search to see the number of websites offering assistance to those wanting to enter the luxury market here; it must be confusing to those looking. What always interests me is that when I read some sort of ...


Staff attitude in luxury brands; determining immediate impressions

Working in China and in the luxury sector means you meet some interesting people. Of course this is the English interpretation of ‘interesting’, by which I mean some can be while others are just bland. There are those who are genuinely in love with their job and put their heart and soul into it, and others for whom it’s a step on a ladder to relative power and money. Now ...


Is affordable luxury now the new black?

Twelve months ago, ‘affordable luxury’ was a designation that some brands used with pride, and others derided as a poor mans imitation of the real thing. The term of course was created to allow what were, and still are in the main premium brands to appeal to wannabe luxury consumers, and to start eating into the business of the genuine luxury brands. In China, we see many brands that at ...


The Chinese ‘old money’ attitude

There is often a misconception that people with a lot of money like to spend it freely and easily, the assumption appears to be that they have so much that they wont miss a small proportion of it. To some extent, this may be true for ‘new money’; those people who suddenly went from having little or a limited amount to be very wealthy, because they are tempted by everything ...


The luxury retail adjustments in China have begun

For the past few weeks, a team of our researchers have been gathering data for the 2013 H1 Brand Reach Review for China’s luxury brands. We monitor 152 luxury brands across the automotive, watch, jewellery and fashion sectors, and have done so for the past 12 months. The tipping point the market in China hit towards the end of 2012 caused a visible tremor to run through the sector, particularly ...