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Ken Grant

Ken is the publisher of Luxury Insights China, he is regularly asked for his comments and opinions of the luxury sector in China by the media, and speaks at conferences on the subject. His international marketing experience covers 25 years, and most territories of the world.

A visible change in lifestyle

A visible change in lifestyle As an observer of people and in particular the Chinese people, I have and continue to see their focus moving from simply buying products for the sake of ownership to really looking for lifestyle choices and products and services that fit their vision of themselves. This change has clearly opened the door for niche brands to move ...


Could there be an upside to a China/US trade war?

The recent increase in trade tariffs applied by both the US and China to one anothers imports may at first seem pretty irrelevant to products in the luxury consumer sector as they were all related to steel, solar panels and agricultural products and on the face of it this is probably very true, but there could be a little bit of a sting in the tail in China should the ...


The long and winding road

When you work in China, networking is a way of life, but unlike those professionals who live and work outside of China who set an objective of attending an event or dinner with the key goal of talking to everyone to try and find that new contact who could turn into a piece of business, for those of us in the Middle Kingdom attending events like this is considered in ...


China; a great opportunity for global niche brands that understand the path to success

In addition to observing the luxury market and its consumers in China, when I travel overseas I like to look out for niche and interesting brands with captivating stories. These brands often turn out to be family owned going back a few generations and were started by ethical and principled people who were very focused that were handed onto the next family member for whom the objectives of the business ...


The perception and reality of China

Much has been written about perception and reality; are they the same; how do they differ and what affect does one have on the other? It is one of those sticky subjects on which most people have their own interpretation, and may never agree upon. So the recent devaluation of the RMB and subsequent interest rate decrease in China set the media and commentators rushing to give their perception of what ...


Where’s the money?

Naturally, we don’t hear luxury brands moaning about business conditions in China; that would be unprofessional and provide the sceptics a chance to say ‘I told you so!’ But it’s clear that many of the better-established and well-known names are not doing particularly well here at the moment. The days of double-digit growth and sales figures are now a long gone memory, and their challenge is how to attract better ...


Not much Christmas cheer for luxury watch brands

The Christmas trees, lights, tinsel and the sound of Christmas carols pounding out in shopping malls in China does not do much to hide the discomfort those selling luxury watches are feeling generally. The last two years have been very tough not only due to regulations related to gifting, but also because consumers have become more savvy and retailers are struggling to engage with them. None of this is new to ...


Luxury price increases; an attraction or deterrent?

The announcement in April by many of the top-flight luxury brands that they were increasing their list prices may have been the result of general economic pressures they have suffered in the past 12 months, or perhaps in the case of China, a means to demonstrate greater luxury status than those lesser known brands. The official line may well be the former and this may in fact be true, but ...


For the love of the brand

I recently wrote a piece for Luxury Insights China that discussed the idea that luxury brands in China are like dating contestants on Chinese TV, and that their consumers are like the woman or man who has to pick someone from the 20 potential partners who stand before them. In these shows, the man may typically have to prove himself not only to 20 woman who will judge him on ...


Treat yourself, treat your friends

I had the very recent pleasure of spending a week in the UK with a party of Chinese who were there on business. I say pleasure because although there were some times when the carefully prepared schedule had to be adjusted by what I can only call ‘the Chinese being Chinese’ and deciding that they wanted to do something slightly different from that which was written on paper. Never the ...