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April 2014 – Publisher’s opinion

When talking to luxury brands and mall operators in China, there is a clear picture emerging that the new Chinese luxury consumer has a very personal agenda these days, one that they carefully control that involves real lifestyle choices and values; some way from the old attitude of purely showing off to others. None of this is surprising, but it is leaving the brands and the mall operators in a state of confusion in terms of reading consumer demands.

The whole work/life balance has become a big driver for many in the Tier one cities as individuals try to take back control of their lives and avoid doing what their parents did 20 years before; working all hours to earn money and ignoring their bodies and general health. The younger generation look at life as something to enjoy and savour, and not dull drudgery. They also see the toll on the environment that they and others are having, and want to be more sensitive and friendly to it. …

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