A 7 star approach to attracting wealthy Chinese

We might all assume that as a 7 star hotel the Burj Al Arab might not feel that it needed to target any one-consumer group because of its status and fame. لعبة سلوتس However, it appears that even the mighty Burj will work hard for the Chinese. It recently announced that to celebrate Chinese New Year, it would offer authentic Chinese dining, and music, and will light up its exterior with Chinese characters on February 10th to celebrate the arrival of the year of the snake.

Clearly, the Burj hasn’t let its fame get to its head and it is actively going after Chinese money. It’s a sign of both current and future trends, and no doubt we can expect to see more of this type of promotion to both attract and satisfy the travelling Chinese consumer in 2013 and coming years. bet365 arab Top US department store Bloomingdales is for its part preparing year of the snake pop-up stores for the New Year in anticipation for the high number of Chinese visitors.

The efforts of the Burj have not gone unnoticed in the Chinese media; as a result the hotel can expect some great free PR even amongst those who could not afford to stay there but aspire to do so one day. The free Metro Express paper handed out on the subway today has a front-page image of the hotel with a computer-generated image of the Chinese signage superimposed on its towering façade.

The period after the recent Christmas and New Year holidays in the west is typically a slow time for retailers and service industries. bet365 casino The advent of Chinese New Year and the growing wealth of a population is an opportunity to wipe away the blues, if only you put some effort into it!

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